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Secure File Access

allows secure upload of files

CCH File Share is a secure, online document sharing application that leverages the convenience and flexibility of the Internet.

File Share provides our clients with a secure, shared access to critical files and documents anytime, anywhere using an Internet browser.

Eliasen CPA uses File Share to send and receive our client information when requested. Click on the File Share icon above to login to this service.  New users will first need to register.  Once logged in, you will be able to securely upload or access files and documents such as QuickBooks® data, financial statements or tax returns.

File Share features:

  • Share Files Anytime, Anywhere - Whether at home, the office or anywhere else, our clients have immediate access to important files via the Web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • High Level of Security - CCH File Share has extensive experience in Internet security and provides a secure and private environment for storing and retrieving confidential information.
  • Ease of Use - File Share has an intuitive user interface for accessing and managing documents and data. All that is needed is an Internet connection, a PC and a standard browser to use the service.